Our Veteran Community suffers 22+ Suicides per day, Homelessness and constant struggles adapting to civilian life. We are proactive and help our Veterans transition using our 6 month program teaching financial classes, college classes, VA Navigation, Combat Trauma Christ Based classes and much more. Better yet, our veterans work throughout the program understanding and executing all aspects of our coffee roasting program. From procurement to accounting to shipping / receiving, your coffee, which funds our entire operation, is created by the veterans you are helping.

Becoming a member of OTOTW allows YOU to use your value and also help if you so choose.

Divorce rate first year out of service is close to 70%, while suicides have increased from 22 per day to 27.5 and 2/3 of our veterans, according to the VA, feel unprepared for civilian life. We fight to deescalate those numbers and keep our Veterans off the streets, save marriages and prepare each Veteran for their next chapter in life.

Our Mission
Operation: Transition Outside the Wire‘s mission is to systematically and purposefully transition service men and women from their active duty “inside the wire” to civilian life.

We help them overcome challenges acclimating to day to day life in a proactive manner. We receive Veterans on our working ranch (and their spouse and children if desired) just as they return from combat and instantly start working on their service connects.

From day one and throughout their 6-month stay on the ranch, they are provided housing, employment, transitional support services, VA support, counseling, food, education, transportation, community, etc. to set them up for success with their civilian life.

By partnering with corporations, private donors and other non-profits who believe in and support our mission, we strive to prevent as many of the suicides and homelessness that occur every day as we can. We hope you’ll join us as we safely and proactively transition our service men and women back into civilian life where they’ll never have to come home to a feeling of “nowhere to turn.” By having combat Vets working with combat Vets on our ranch, Veterans can transition in a safe, comfortable and structured environment. We owe it to our nations treasures; collectively Americans have solved many challenges and that is how we are built and operation. Be part of the solution!

Operation: Transition Outside the Wire is fully funded by MEMBERS, wholesale accounts and charitable contributions – all of which are tax deductible. 100% of profits go directly to each Veteran. We do NOT take any Government money – find a Vet, help a Vet (no red tape).


Q What does your MEMBERSHIP support?

Our mission is 100% funded by our members. We do not seek or accept any government grants.

- Housing & Utilities. Each family resides in their own safari tent on the ranch for 6 months.
- Education. On-site computer training and Microsoft certification opportunities available.
- Food. Mess hall and pantry provided daily.
- Counseling. On-site ministry group sessions for Veterans and their families.
- Financial Services. Veterans receive a bank account upon arrival along with access to Wells Fargo financial advisors to assist with learning about money management and opportunities to qualify VA home loans.
- Complimentary Camping. Veterans and families not actively working on the ranch have free year-round camping privileges.
- Activities. The ranch is surrounded by endless opportunities to enjoy nature - hiking, horseback, fishing, and The Grand Canyon.
- Employment. Each resident Veteran will be employed at the ranch with assigned duties and a departure bonus at the end of the program.
- Career Development. Assistance with resume creation, job search and placement and interview preparation.
- Operating Costs. The program is fully-funded by members which includes ranch operating costs.
- Transportation. We welcome our soldiers and re-home them at no cost. They will be transported to and from the ranch including medical appointments.